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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Columbus: Not The Man History Teaches

Was Christopher Columbus a hero or a murderer?

Indeed he was. His first order of business in the land that he claimed to have discovered, was to set up a foothold for the crown. He did bring smallpox to the natives when he arrived killing hundreds of them. But the most brutal thing Chris Columbus ever did was after the fabled "Thanksgiving" After this now renowned holiday, the very next morning Columbus began enslaving the native race. 

They were thought of as ingenious, and savages. Not at all on the same level as the wonderful British at the time. Columbus often offered children as rape slaves to his crew members as well. Many girls around the age of 10 - 12 were often used in this practice, so it is fair to say that he was also a pedophile. All in all, 

Christopher Columbus is NOT the hero we all were taught he was in grade school. He was a very dark man, with his ambitions set on the domination of people he thought of as lower life forms. Why we celebrate a holiday in his honor is beyond me. He didn't even step foot on the land we now call America.

Note: Columbus not only enslaved Native people but he committed genocide on thousands of them. They weren't considered to be human. This is the same understanding & tactics used by the government against Natives to exterminate them & steal their land. 

A hero? No. Just another dictator who saw himself better than others. Power, greed &  abuse. Who really was the savage?

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