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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Protest against ERBL END RACE BASED LAW (End Race Based Law Inc.)

End Race Based Law Inc.

Sounds innocent but the truth is something different than it seems to be.

We, here at Living The Native Life are asking each and everyone of our readers around the world to protests against a site which deals with racial hatred and demoralization of Natives.

The site which is based in Canada has an on going history of aiming their agenda of radical hatred against anyone or any groups, tribes of organizations which are of Native decent. has a petition in existence which is available through the link below:

Here is what their petition says in part....

Petitioning Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg and 1 other

This petition will be delivered to:
Founder & CEO
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO
Facebook: SHUT ERBL DOWN for Inciting Hate, Shame and Violence on Indigenous People

Facebook: Please remove a DANGEROUS hate group on your site called ERBL END RACE BASED LAW as it INCITES HATRED AND SHAME Upon the Indigenous People of Canada!

We urge you to become a member and  take a stand against groups such as this.

Below are other links about what is happening here.

The link below is a direct link to the Facebook page of these people.

The one below is from Michele Tittler who seems to have quite a bit to say about natives.

This article was posted on Facebook by the group, complaining about the CBC refusing to do a a story on what they call: "native bullying and racism." 

The truth of the matter is: 
the true story has too do in a round about way not with racism per say, except where it is convenient for them to put Natives in the spot light. 

Sounds like racial politics to me.

What I'm wondering about is:

Is it just Natives that turn their stomachs or do we include other groups and nationalities in their agenda?

Please check out the links and judge for yourself.

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