Cherokee Morning Song

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


"We as men should not fear our mates; we should listen to their counsel." -- Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders

The Elders say the men should look at women in a sacred way. The men should never put women down or shame them in any way. When we have problems, we should seek their counsel. We should share with them openly. A woman has intuitive thought. She has access to another system of knowledge that few men develop. She can help us understand. We must treat her in a good way.

Great Spirit, let me look upon the woman in a good way

By: Don Coyhis

"Come forward and join hands with us in this great work for the Creator." 

--Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne 
The Elders have spent years learning to pray and communicate with the Great Spirit. Their job is to pass this knowledge onto the young people. The Elders have told us we are now in a great time of healing. The Creator is guiding them to help the young people figure this out. We must get involved and participate. 

We should pray and see what it is the Great Spirit wants us to do. We need to sacrifice our time to help the people and to be of maximum use to the Creator. Every person is needed to accomplish this great healing.

Creator, whisper what You want me to do.


Abraham Lincoln Orderd The Hanging Of Natives Who Rebelled Because They Were Forced To Starve Under His Leadership 

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