Cherokee Morning Song

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chief Dan George. Words Of Wisdom.

Walk with Creator daily.

Live your life in truth; always.

Integrity is necessary in life.

Show respect always.

Never pretend to be what you are not; for if you do this, your intentions in life are not sincere; they are selfish.

Never decieve your relations, or your friends.

Never take, without giving back.

Always be helpful to those in need.

Be thankful for what you have been gifted throughout your lifetime, before asking for something more.

Never take people or time for granted.

Keep your soul free of evil, and dark intentions.

Compassion and love are powerful medicine.

Pray always.

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  1. I really wanna thank you for creating this site. People are ever more quickly becoming emotionless droids. Feel! And feel what others are feeling. I think its to "painful" for most.