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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Way Of The Native

~ True Native American ~
I am getting many messages about people being judged as to their blood lines... That is not the Native way people. Please read the following story as a reminder to what being Native American really means.... Thank you  ~Chenoa~ and thank youWolf Portugal for sharing this story 
To the outsiders we call the other tribes, I can see the confusion. When it comes to native Indian ceremonies and our spiritual way of life, sometimes politics and prejudice overwhelms us. 
There is a manner of traditional ceremonies, closed ceremonies, and intertribal ceremonies. So please allow me to tell you my story as a boy. I was at a powwow 
with my grandfather and I was about four years of ag
We were dancing in intertribal song. 
As we came around the drum, I looked to my right and saw a white woman very beautiful, and in a beautiful brown and white shawl. 
Now as a boy raised with other native boys there was always harsh words said about the whites and our feelings towards them at that time were not so respectful. 
So I said out loud," what the hell is that white woman doing here with us?" 
And at that moment I can see my grandfather's legs and feet had came to a halt. He was no longer dancing. 
Now this is when I would usually brace myself for a foot up my butt, lol, but instead I see his feet walk in front of me and then face me, I look up and I see him kneeling his eyes level with my eyes. 
And he say to me as he points to the beautiful white woman dancing, he say that woman is dancing the Eagle dance, and who she is is not the blood that runs through her veins, but it is the heart that pumps it. 
Her heart pumps the way of the red road, the way of our ancestors. And so then she is one of us, she is no longer white.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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