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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Child Harvesting And Neglect Of Native Children By CPS Video

Admin note:

Child harvesting is a common process by which so called CHILD PROTECTION WORKERS  attack innocent families with the law to legally kidnap innocent children for profit.

Many children who are under the cruel  and abusive dictatorship of child protection workers are looked at as... "profit margins" by the workers and their employers.

Their objective isn't child protection as they say nor as they mislead the courts and public to believe, but rather criminal child trafficking for profit margin increase.

Each child abducted represents huge financial gain to them and they have a quota to fill in order to keep their jobs of innocent children to take into care.

These are legalized child abusers.

This is an epidemic around the world. 

Adults posing as " protectors of children" , but in reality are hardened criminals attacking little children and their families. Protected by the law, paid for by tax payers through the government.

Such cowardness when it comes to attacking children.

Please read our other articles about criminal child protection workers being arrested for other criminal offences and abuse they have put children through.

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