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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Round Dance

Native American round dance is not ballroom dancing. It is a friendship dance that has long been held as a courting activity. It is performed during a portion of a powwow and during many social occasions. The round dance has an infectious upbeat tempo and creates a simple and fun activity. Round dances are performed during the intertribal social portion of a powwow.


A round dance is popular among audience members who are not Native Americans during powwows because the dance consists of easy-to-follow moves that are performed while dancing in a circle.

Cultural Awareness

The round dance brings cultural awareness to the activity. During powwows, there are many participants who are not Native Americans, and the round dance gives them a chance to get out on the dance floor and dance a traditional dance.


People of any age are welcome to get on the dance floor. Children are often occupied by their parents during this time.


A round dance is one of the few Native American dances in which women get to dance with men. Native American traditional dances are usually segregated by gender.

Dance Floor

The area where the dance occurs is considered sacred space. Visitors be respectful at all times.


Feathers play an important part in Native American culture and dances. When dancing, people need to be careful not to knock into another dancer. When a feather falls, it's treated as though a person died. There is a long ceremony performed after a feather is dropped.

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