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Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to Perform Native American Dances

Native Americans have danced in ceremonies for generations and it is a well-known part of their culture. Each dance has its own meaning and reason for performing it. There are several fundamental steps in each dance that need to be learned to be able to perform most dances. Described are the basic building blocks to learn the more difficult ones. Learn these and you can pick up the rest of the movements for the specialty dances.



Take a long step to the right with your knees slightly bent. Bring over your left foot to meet the right by dragging it on the floor. Repeat the Step Drag-Close steps until you have reached the required next position.

Lift the right leg and take a long step to the right. Repeat the step with your left foot being sure to lift the left foot and not drag it. Do this Step Lift-Close step until you reached the next position of the dance.

Perform the Shuffle step by getting on the ball of the right foot and drag it a small distance away from your left foot. Repeat the step with your left foot in exactly the same way. This shuffle step can be repeated in all directions and is performed in at a face pace.

Do the Front Trot by jumping onto your right foot and lifting the left knee high in front of you. Repeat with opposite legs. Do this for as long as the dance requires but hold the step for one count in numerous intervals. Do the Back Trot in the same rhythm bending the knee instead of lift it up in front of you.

Dance the Toe Flat by stepping forward on your left toe and the dropping the heel back down in the same place. Do the same with the right foot and repeat as the dance requires. It is recommended to place this step in between two other strenuous steps.

Hop on your left foot and while turning your right leg over and touch your right toe to the floor. Repeat with the left foot. Repeat this Toe-Heel step and you should pat yourself on the back.

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