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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Were Children Documentary

Photo: Manitoba wins!

A huge congratulations to Eagle Vision, APTN and the whole team behind We Were Children.

They took home awards last night for Best Sound in an Info/Doc or Lifestyle Program/Series and Best Photography in a Doc Program/Series at the Canadian Screen Awards first gala.

A list of winners can be found here:

Please copy & paste this link to view the full documentary.

Reliving the horrors of experiences in a residential school.
These institutions were set up by the Canadian and American governments to eradicate the Indian in the child.

They were run by Christian churches and funded by these governments.

The abuse against children was unbelievable with beatings,  rapes by Catholic priests, abuse by the nuns in the name of God, secret burials of children who had died and their deaths hidden by the church from families and the public.

Native children tortured even unto death in  the name of medical science similar to Adolf Hitlers death camps in this respect.

This documentary is a must see for anyone interested in what really happened to innocent children in these schools.

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