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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Why no prosecution or publicity for child sex abuse and mass murders?

Protester against Catholic Priest abuse

The early December discovery of 30 child skeletons in a mass grave on the grounds of a United Church residential school for native children in Port Alberni, B.C. has garnered no mass media excitement.
The unmarked graves should have been no surprise."At least 28 mass graves containing the remains of indigenous children who died in the 'care' of religious and government institutions have been discovered" read the 15 April 2008 headline of the Mohawk Nation News - another story that never made it to the mainstream press.
It was easy to cover up the baby's death at the Jesuit St. Mary's Mission-School on the Colville Indian Reservation near Omack Washington. The Catholic priest buried her alive beneath the floor boards with a little girl as the sole witness. The murdered was a "throw-away child" - a minor without legal protection - allegedly killed by the baby's father because he knew he could get away with it.
He did. With no proof of the birth, there was no public outcry. No publicity. It was as if the baby never existed. We only knew the event happened because of the child witness. Her and other native children somehow survived to expose their torturous childhood at US and Canadian church and government Indian boarding schools.
Some didn't. According to a 2013 international common law court there were over 50,000 missing Indian children, some of whom were buried in mass graves at Catholic residential schools. The Feb. 2013 findings appeared to have instigated the resignation of Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger.
As of today, the mass graves on government property have yet to be excavated, though human remains were found. www.itccs.org
The 2011 Jesuit Priest settlement for their abuse of child victims was the largest in the Roman Catholic church's sex abuse scandal. Yet, 500 witness' stories remained unreported. An exception was Clarita Vargas. Rev. John Morse sexually abused her at St. Mary's from second through eighth grades and she pushed the case before a judge.
A Confederated Tribes' child-now-adult witness to the baby's murder wanted to testify, but the word "homicide" wasn't added to the charges. No matter. The case was settled out of court in a $166 million award to survivors. No trial happened. No priest was given jail time, much less prosecution for infants born at the school only to promptly disappear.
The Jesuits ran the Washington mission with the help of federal grants, along with their schools of the Sacred Heart in Sesmet, Idaho, St. Ignatius and St. Paul’s in Montana and St. Labre in Ashland, Oregon.
The 28 mass graves linked to a US and Canadian mind-control program eventually known as MKULTRA.
This illegal human experimentation on children began with the 1950s import of Nazis trained in Satanism at Hitler's concentration camps. According to advocates, the intermingling of child abuse by church and state appeared widespread. , and
The Catholic Jesuit Order fit a profile of those who took no responsibility for their crimes. Founded in 1534 by Ignatius of Loyola, these Jesuit Alumbrados or Illuminated Ones, were a secret society of noble bloodlines that combined Eastern mysticism with monotheist and mystery religions, believing they could commit any criminal, immoral or sinful act without staining their souls. Were the Jesuit's practicing elsewhere?
There was no public outcry to expose contents of the mass graves, nor reasons given as to why taxpayer dollars were used to abuse children. In the 1800s the Vatican ruled that anyone exposing information against the church faced excommunication and jail time, while US and Canadian government mind-control documents had long been destroyed.
In 2013 Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State organized Catholic Priest abuse survivors in 21 countries. He awaited permission to continue digs on the 28 mass gravesites and prepared 2014 common law court action on the Vatican and other elites allegedly involved in the abuse and murder of children.
Government mind-control survivors approached members of Congress. You can sign the petition requesting an investigation at:

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